Paul Klee Example

by James


This is Paul Klee and he was an artist. Paul Klee loved drawing and coloring. He was a famous artist in the 1800s through the 1900s. A favorite activity of Paul's, was to go to his uncles restaurant to see the pattern on the wall. Paul was a person that liked patterns and shapes.

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Early Life and Later Life

  • Paul was born in Switzerland near Bern in 1879.

  • Paul married a woman, Lily Stompf, and their son, Felix, was born one year later.

  • Paul always loved to go to his uncle’s restaurant to draw on paper.

  • Paul birthday is December 18, and he was a son of music teacher and a talented violinist.

  • Paul was 56 year old when he got ill, but he still painted. Paul died when he was 61 years old in Muralto, Switzerland on June 29, 1940.

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Style and Medium

Paul used water colors, black glass and needle, and oil on canvas. Paul used pencil on paper, printed material, black paint, oil and watercolor. He painted, modern art and abstract art.

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