Nike Stapler

Staple with Nike!

Target Market

We want to base our business currently in the united states, we plan on making the nike stapler world wide in approximetly 10 years.

The best thing about the nike stapler is that anyone can buy it! From ages between 6-100, all are welcome to buy.

Race and ethnicity do not matter! Our Main goal here is to provide you with the best stapler, not the best race card, whether your white, black, purple, it doesn't matter, all are welcome to purchase our product.

Male or female, both are acceptable to to buy our products, maybe in the near future, we will provide a variety of colors based on male or female appeal.

We want to provide our nike stapler to serious businesses, who are willing to buy our product in numerous amounts.

We also want to provide schools who are in need of staplers, so that they can get our reliable stapler for a cheaper price.

We want to provide the stapler to hospitals around the US so that they can organize, and keep their work area very clean.

Also, Students across the US may potentially be our biggest customers.

Promotional Activites

We will travel across the US in our special nike bus, and make stops around major US cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and provide free samples of our nike products, and show everyone what our stapler is consisted of. WE WANT YOU TO STAPLE WITH NIKE!

Product Cost

When we do start selling the Nike Stapler, we will start them off at $8.99 for 1 stapler, that comes with two boxes of staples. We will offer many deals to our customers so that they can get the best possible price. MORE ON UPCOMING DEALS COMING SOON

Why it will be succesful

Why does one buy nike shoes? or why does one buy nike socks? Or perhaps, why does one buy a nike watch?!?! BECAUSE of quality people! We have engineers working around the clock, in order to create the most durable, best quality stapler, mankined has ever whitnessed. This stapler is as durable as concrete, and staples like a machine!