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Trouble of the Manor Farm

Earlier this week at the Manor the farm there was a great ruckus. One of the farm's best pigs Old Major died earlier this week, and since then there has been nothing but trouble on the farm. Jones, the owner of the farm was starting to slack off. Already known for not being good to the animals but this was new. Binge drinking seemed to take over. Every evening Jones got home all he did was get drunk, and walk about the farm cussing at the animals. The drinking was so extreme it caused Jones to completely forget about the animals. Things were really starting to get out of hand, he started losing money for the farm, started to forget about feeding the animals more often, it was just awful. The animals were starting to feel neglected even more and were tired of it. One day when Jones forgot to feed the animals there was trouble. All the animals started t get angry and were done having Jones neglect them. The animals broke out out of their cages and barns and broke down the doors of the food shack. Jones awoke to the crashing and the rumbling of the animals. As he came out to the shack he saw the animals and tried to get them back in their places. On the approach Jones seen that the animals were not afraid but angry. As he was about to try and flee the animals charged him. Every animal on the farm tried to get a piece of the farmer. It was to intense for Jones that him and his wife was beat from the farm. AS the animals took over they burned the things Jones gave to them and took over the farm.
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