the Tortoise and the Hare

Aesop's Fable


One day, a tortoise and a hare were lounging around. The hare, arrogant as he is, decided to challenge the kind tortoise to a race. The hare believed that he was so much faster than the tortoise, and that beating him in the race would be no problem at all. Once the race started, the hare walked very slowly, had a snack, and even took a nap while the tortoise slowly but steadily makes his way down the track. When the hare awakens from the nap, he realizes that the tortoise had arrived at the finish line and the hare had lost. The moral of the story is to never be arrogant, because it can make you look like a fool.

The Hare

The hare was very arrogant. He believed that he was faster than every other creature. He did not think that his selfish foolish ways would cause any harm.