5 Themes of Geography Austin

Evelyn Housson


Austin moves many ideas across the country, but one of the biggest is the movement of music. Austin is known as the live music capital of the world. Every year, Austin holds a festival called ACL or Austin City Limits where thousands of people come to watch a wide variety of bands.


Austin is situated on the Balcones Fault line which creates many hills and natural springs in the area. The Colorado River runs though Austin and when dammed up it creates man-made lakes. Each spring, Austin also becomes home to a wide variety of wildflowers that are native to Texas.


Austin is located at 30.2500 degrees North and 97.7500 degrees West. Austin is also Northwest of Corpus Christi, and southwest of Dallas.


Texas is part of several regions of the country including the Southeast, the Central Region, and the Southwest which involves Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

Human-Enviroment Interactions

This is a picture of the Edwards Aquifer. People in Austin use the water from the aquifer for their everyday lives. To handle the growing population in Austin, we have also cut through many hills to make it easier to drive through instead of driving over the hills. For example in the picture above, we have cut thought a hill to make it easier to build a bridge.