Feliz Primavera (Happy Spring)

Georgia Virtual's Spring Break Is Coming

Our School's Spring Break Will Be from April 6-10

Please be aware that if your school's Spring Break is at a different time from that, your work must be maintained even though you are not at your school. Suggestion: Work ahead, and that way you can enjoy a work-free vacation.

What we are learning

Currently Spanish 1B is studying Al Aeropuerto (At the Airport) and moving into Las Estaciones (The Seasons). A result of these two modules is that they could re-combine vocabulary and talk about where they would travel, depending upon the season and the weather, in simple Spanish sentences.

Spanish 1B

Spanish 1AB is studying Más Comida (More Food) and moving into La Ropa ( Clothing). Imagine how proud they coulc be as they successfully could re-combine vocabulary from these two modules and talk about going shopping and then having something to eat - in simple Spanish sentences, as well.

Important to Remember

Those who may request advice on how to maintain or raise their grade average:
1) Be sure to maintain your pace by keeping to your schedule daily (getting that work done daily).
2. Save some time each day to study. Find a quiet place where you can focus.
3. Use study aids in order to study actively: Quizlet.com for flashcards and even for Grammar facts.
4. Attend the Synchronous Session, or, if you cannot, access the recordings (under "Links" on the Homepage)
5. Remember that your teacher cares about you and wants to help you succeed. You are welcome to ask questions.