English 3 , mod 13&14 Tuesday.

Puritan views

Puritans have a a omnipotent view of god , they think god is very wrathful.

All their values are related to religion and god (Morality,bible, god, truth, faith and religion) The education is all tied up to god, even toddlers ABC's were religious. They worked hard because in puritan society work and worldly success are paths to gods grace. And they felt more accomplished when they were deemed powerful. They believed one of the ways to achieve this was to be strict their people

Puritan views on man

They are very pessimistic and judgmental because of their harsh religion therefor anything that was done inadequately in their society was seen as witchcraft. An example is the trial of Martha Carrier, she was tried for the unjust assumption that she was a witch simply because a few people had suspicion and unfortunately there were coincidental events that occurred that just added fuel to the fire .

By: Michelle Diaz , Blake B, Kendhal ,Mia, Isaac , David , Jackie.