It's #MakeupMonday

24 Hours Only!

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Best reason to look forward to Mondays!!

For 24 hours only, purchase one of my favorite products, our Tint Skin, and receive a FREE Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush (value $35). To me, this brush is necessary for this product. I tried to apply the Tint Skin without it initially, but I felt like I was wasting so much product. When I purchased this brush, it absolutely enhanced my application as well as helped me stretch the life of my product.

If you already use Tint Skin, take advantage of this promotion and stock up while getting another brush! None of us wash our brushes as often as we should. Or maybe because we are in the depths of winter, the shade you were using previously is a smidge too dark. Pick up that lighter shade and blend to get the perfect color for right now. I know I have been blending Sand and Linen for the past couple weeks to more perfectly match my wintery "glow."

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Tint Skin Complexion Coverage Foundation

Our game-changing Tint Skin Foundation is a lightweight, creamy foundation that cares for your skin. The formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections and even skin tone. And hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture magnet, promotes smoother-looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The coverage level is up to you: For a sheer no-makeup look, apply with our Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush, and for medium coverage, apply with our Flat Complexion Brush. Comes in eight highly blendable shades, each uniquely formulated to suit a range of skin tones. Every skin tone gets a match—because we believe everyone deserves enviably beautiful skin.

Let me know if you need help choosing a shade. The two most popular are Linen and Sand.

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Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush - Value $35

Created specifically for use with our Tint Skin Complexion Coverage, this brush easily blends foundation into skin for the perfect seamless veil. To apply, place a dime-size amount of Tint Skin Complexion Coverage into the palm of your hand, dip and swirl the brush to distribute the product evenly, and then apply to the center of your face with a light dabbing motion before blending outward in light, even strokes.

This design of this brush also makes it great for travel. No more worrying about what your bristles are touching while en route, the cap keeps germs and dirt out.

Tell Your Senators to Support the Personal Care Products Safety Act

Most consumers think that the U.S. government reviews the safety of cosmetics and other personal care products.

But right now, cosmetics companies are allowed to put nearly any chemical into personal care products sold in the US – even known carcinogens – without any safety testing and without disclosing all the chemicals on labels.

To bridge this gap in oversight, Senators Dianne Feinsten (D-Calif.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) have introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act in an effort to modernize the regulatory process and make sure the products we use every day are safe.

EWG needs our help to persuade Washington that passing it is the right thing to do.

This bill would establish a safety review process for ingredients in personal care products and give federal regulators additional tools they need to protect consumers.

Companies would register and be required to report when products cause harm to someone's health. The FDA would also have the authority to recall dangerous products if companies won't do it voluntarily. These are all straightforward, common sense proposals - and they are long overdue.

You can be a part of the change! Click on the link below to reach our to your senators and ask them to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act. It only takes a couple of minutes! And then you can check off that "helping to make the world a better place" box on your to do list today :))

Click here to contact your senators and urge them to add their name to this critical piece of legislation.