Physical Feature Brocher

By, Emma Cerny

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is located on the west side of Michigan, it is known for it's fresh water source, beautiful views and it's recreation area.

Travel Tips!!

-Go to the lake at sunset for a beautiful view.

-Wear warm clothes Mid September-May.

Packing list

-Fishing pole



-shoes that are able to get wet

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. It has a beautiful view and a fresh water source running through it.

Travel Tips

The weather can get up to 120 degrees but be prepared for various climates.

Packing list

-Hiking gear

-Fishing pole

-Drinkable water

-Sunblock or sun tan lotion (put on regularly through out the day)

-Eat salty or high carbohydrate foods

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the Earth tallest Mountain, with the elevation of 29,029 feet. It has a gorgeous view but, it's cold up there so bundle up.

Travel tips

Wear layers of warm clothes. (Do not wear summer clothes!!)

Packing List

-Hiking gear or skis or snowboard

-snow pants


-Winter boots


How humans look at the earth

-A way to look at it is the northern and Southern Hemispheres, which is the dividing points of the equator.

-You can look at it by continents, which is 6 large masses divided 7 ways.

-You can look at it by countries, which is 7 continents dividing itself into 196 countries.

Other places to visit

-Grand fish canyon is another canyon if you think the Grand Canyon is to crowded it has many great features like a beautiful sunset so check it out.

- Lake Superior is a lake you ca visit it is the largest of the Great Lakes so if you have some extra time go to lake superior.

-Have you ever heard of Mount St. Helen's it is a volcano it is known for its beautiful view and its danger zone.