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6th Grade Social Studies

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In 6th Grade Social Studies, we focus on ancient world history, geography, civics, economics, and religion.

Learning Objectives

My goal for this class is to help students demonstrate an understanding of the following objectives in relation to each of the ancient civilizations we study throughout the school year:

1. Choices have consequences,

2. Individuals have rights and responsibilities,

3. Societies are shaped beliefs, ideas, and diversity,

4. Societies experience continuity and change over time, and

5. Relationships between people, places, ideas, and environments are dynamic.

What Will We Study?

Throughout the school year, we will focus on mapping skills, prehistory, and major early civilizations, including Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient China, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. We will also explore each of the major religions from each civilization.

How Will Students Be Assessed?

Students will be assessed daily in class. These assessments will come in the form of discussions, group activities, quizzes, unit projects or tests, and interactive student notebooks. All students will participate in unit projects. Many times students will have a high-level of autonomy in determining the manner by which they will demonstrate the knowledge gained throughout the unit.

How Will Students Be Graded?

Students will be graded on the worked performed in class and completed as homework. Your student is responsible for turning in assignments on time as well as ensuring the timely submission of any missing assignments due to absences.

Grades will be weighted as follows: 45% class activities, 45% tests/quizzes, & 10% practice work.

Mrs. Becky Graham

6th Grade Social Studies Team @ Summit Trail Middle School

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