Why comply to help the environment?

How your small buisiness affects the earth

5 ways your business can reduce their environmental impact

1.Comunications: Cut downon costly traveling meetings that require long car rides or flights by using the internet 2.Paper products: Look into recycled suppliers any chance you get3.Supply: Use local suppliers who use sustainable raw materials when making products4.Utilities: Check costs for going green packages to reduce engery usage and maintain sustainability5.Future planning: Be persistant in your green credentials as your business grows

Regulations and results

    "The Clean Air Acts of 1970 and 1990 and the Clean Water Act of 1972 limited the amount of pollutants manufacturers can release into the environment" water was to be cleaned before returning to waterways, air pollution was measured and a fine would be assigned if regulation was not met.     Air concentrations of sulfur dioxide were reduced by 76% and many waterways that were once too polluted to support a rich biodiversity now have many new fish species.
This ecological footprint calculator can be used to visualize how many earths your business would use up if everyone lived as you and your company do.

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