My Hero

What does hero mean? Who is your hero?

What Is a Hero?

A hero is someone who helps you when your in a big whole and can't get out. They don't help you because they feel they have to or it would make them feel like they balanced out there good actions and bad actions. A hero is someone who knows your in trouble but helps you because they care about you.

My Hero is....

My stepdad, Rob.

Why is he my hero?

My Hero is my step dad because when no one was there he picked me up and helped me get out of the big whole I was stuck in. He also helped my mom open her eyes to see that what she is doing is going to cause a heart break once the truth is out. Once I knew the truth he helped me see that life isn't that bad you just have to know the people who really care about you will always be there and help you deal with it.