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Advice column

Dear max:

I have recently gotten a new girlfriend. We both seem to have affection for each other. However, I don't know if it is wrong of me to give her the disease so young. She is 17 and uncured, which frightens me. I wouldn't want to end her life so soon. With me being an invalid this is a dangerous situation. Any advice?


Upset Boyfriend (Alex)

Upset Boyfriend:

You seem to be really worried for your loved one. This is a good sign in any relationship showing how much you care for them. With your girlfriend being uncured or under aged your going to have to let her choose her own path. Hope this helped.



Delirium Is The Movie Of The Year!

Delirium is the thriller of the year based on Lauren Oliver's book, Delirium. Lena Halloway has been an angel in her dystopian society, dreaming of one day getting the cure and being away from the dreaded sickness of love, Amor Deliria Nervosa. However, what happens when she falls in love at 17 and cant receive the cure until 18? Go see this movie to see what Lena and her best friend Hana plan to do with their future. How will the man of Lena's dreams, Alex, make an impact in her life? When it comes to love do you stay ordinary or become rebellious?

Young Teenager falls and love and escapes?

There has been a lot of talking over the early procedure of an infected girl known as, Lena Holloway. They had planned an early cure for her because recent sightings showed her out past curfew with an invalid. Lena was supposedly tied down for good. Although, she recently escaped with the same invalid she calls, Alex. Alex was being the leader in the attempted escaping while Lena Halloway was following him almost mindless. As they reached the fence Alex saw that it was electrified so they came up with plan B. Alex was shot and captured in the illegal attempt to jump the fence. Lena disappeared into the wilds. This is what the cure can do to you it takes away your mind and kills you.
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