Pieter Bruegel the Elder

By: Abby Edwards

Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Biography

-Born in 1525 in Breda, Netherlands

-He spent most of his life in Antwerp

-"His biography begins in 1545, when he first apprenticed with Pieter Coecke van Aelst, a succesful painter, architect, and ornamental/ tapestry designer" (Gale).

-Bruegel was employed at the Four Winds while traveling to and from Antwerp

-He painted

-Some of Bruegels work includes; Sea Battle in the Straits of Messina and Fall of Icharus

-King Phillips the Seconds and the Duke of Alba were just a few of Bruegel's patrons

Bruegel's Work

-The picture on the right is known as Netherlandish Proverbs created in 1559

-Bruegel was unlike other crafts persons he drew and painted in oils. ("Pieter Bruegel the Elder")

-The painting contained proverbs portraying sinful deeds

-The piece is closely linked to humanism, this is because it depicted humans in everyday life

I find this piece interesting because it is full of bright colors. It seems as if it is unorganized but is showing the chaos of life. In each separate part of the painting there are idioms showing each emotion and action a human can do. I find that this piece attracts my attention the most out of all of Bruegel's other work.

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