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Bullying And Harrasment

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What To Do To Prevent Bullying From Happening?

Nowadays bullying occurs a lot. The many different types of bullying are physical, verbal, indirect, and cyber bullying. We all should take action to prevent bullying form happening. Bullying is not going to stop if we don't take action. Here are some ways to prevent bulling from happening;

- If your are a bystander stand up for bullying

- If you are a bullying victim tell an adult or contact Kids Helpline

- Parents and teachers should also encourage kids to not bully

Staying Safe Online

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Protecting Your Identity

There are lots of ways to stay safe online. You should always stay safe online. Here are some ways to stay safe online;

-The most important one is to install a reputable antivirus software program on your computers to keep them current

- Exclude all your important personal information from your social media profiles like phone numbers, address, and your age

- Check your social media privacy settings and change it to "Friends Only"

- Protect your online passwords and strengthen them too remember the rule; if they are easy too crack they are easy to remember too

- Check your devices privacy settings and turn of your GPS location to off

- Watch out for phishing emails and never respond to them

Here Are Some Services To Contact If You Are A Bullying Victim