The Reconstruction


Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was the 1st president that was moved up from vice president after Lincoln assassination. He is know as one of the most racist president that we have ever had. These are just a few of his quotes

1. "If you liberate the negro, what will be the next step? . . . It would place every splay-footed, bandy-shanked, humpbacked negro in the country upon an equality with the poor white man."
2."You can't get rid of the negro except by holding him in slavery."

He also was one of the 1st presidents that was going to be impeached.

Andrew Jonhson Reconstruction plan

His amnesty proclamation (May 29, 1865) was more severe than Lincoln's it disenfranchised all former military and civil officers of the Confederacy and all those who owned property worth $20,000 or more and made their estates liable to confiscation. So this would make a lot of people mad in the south since most of them had a lot of land for there plantations. Southern states held conventions that voided or repealed their ordinances of secession, abolished slavery, and repudiated Confederate debts (except South Carolina). By the end of 1865 every ex-Confederate state except Texas had reestablished civil government but what choice did they really have. They also started laws, known as black codes (which in U.S. history, series of laws passed by the ex-Confederate states, 1865–1866, dealing with the status of the newly freed slaves.)They varied greatly from state to state as to their harshness and restrictiveness, they restricted the ability of blacks to own land and to work as free laborers and denied them most of the civil and political rights enjoyed by whites


The reconstruction era was during the 1865–1877.During this period of time every on was trying to fix every thing that happened during the civil war. Reconstruction started right after the civil war.The reconstruction wanted to rebuild the south right after this huge war. States sought to rebuild the South physically, politically, socially, and economically.


During the time that Lincoln was still in office he didn't want to hurt the south but instead help them become once again part of the union. Even before the war had ended he was figuring out how he could help the south instead of hurt them, he issued (Dec. 8, 1863) a proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for those areas of the Confederacy occupied by Union armies .This offered a pardon to any confederate who swear to support the constitution of the union The radical republicans didn't really like this since they wanted to give a lot of power to the African American. So they passed the Wade-Davis Bill, which required 50% of a state's male voters to be able to knock out what do what Lincoln wanted.

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