Friday Focus

JSE Staff December 5, 2014

"Love Your People"

We get two more weeks with our kiddos in 2014! I appreciate your efforts to support our students in maintaining focus these next few weeks. We have a lot to compete with! Their big hearts and brains can't help but express the overload of changes and excitement that comes between Thanksgiving and winter break!

After observing in classrooms, the attached teaching video confirms that we are right on track with shifting the thinking in classrooms. This video takes about seven minutes to watch. We continue to push the envelope to increase achievement with every student!

Next week, Mike will be here to meet with grades 3-5. I will be out Wednesday morning and we have PD on Thursday morning. We will be focusing on increasing student stamina with classroom and individual student goal setting.

Thank you for a great breakfast! Now we all need a nap:)

Thank you Chris for hosting our Christmas gathering next Thursday, we all look forward to celebrating another year together (my first half)!


Highlight/Celebrate your students or class on the JSE News!

After winter break, the student services committee will be asking you to sign up for a day every other month. Our goal is to have students or a class on the news once a week.

Important Reminders:

  • Please reinforce our Monthly Characteristics.
  • Please turn in 100% effort work to me periodically.
  • Reinforce the characteristics of maintain focus and giving.