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Qrops plan

What is a QROPS and How Does it Work?

In today’s global monetary circumstances, locating the best way to invest your pension funds when you reach retirement is all the more essential- the funds you are paid out as your income after you do retire will not go anywhere near as far as it used to, thanks to the rapid inflation in the costs of food and fuel, and the costs of buying annuities initially have never been so high. Further more your pension funds will have accrued value more gradually of late than it has in previous years owing to the poorly performing stock indices and the commensurate reduction in dividend payments throughout the fiscal slump of the last several years.

This problem is exacerbated by the matter of people staying alive for more years than on average previously owing to the phenomenal advances in modern medical science, and with the British populous aging constantly thanks to a steadily dipping birth rate. All this makes the decision of where you are going to invest your pension pot all the more essential: this sum represents a lifetime’s payments and also your one chance to obtain a worthwhile household income into your old age, so the decision of what to do with it is ever more essential.

The issue of what to do with your funds can be made more complex if you make a decision to live overseas- the British government has allowed you to accrue this pot of cash from your salary all the way through your time at work without paying any tax on this portion of your income. This means that they are loathe to see you take this lump sum to another nation with you when you retire and so lose out on the chance to tax it as it pays out into your dotage and on earning the VAT on the things you would spend it on in the UK Qrops programme. Accordingly if you are looking to retire overseas with your pension cash you will have to be positive you do this as well as possible so as to reduce your tax obligation whilst also ensuring you are fully compliant with the legislations both in Britain and in the land you plan to move to. This is where the Qrops is well worth looking into. The QROPS is an ingenious little bit of legislation for anyone setting out to retire overseas; one which the UK government was forced to set in place after an EU directive in 2006. The gist of the QROPS scheme means that if you are going to retire overseas then by opting for Qrops pension program that is recognised by the domestic government, and by transferring your pension fund to a state whose bailiwick in this area has also been accepted by the UK, then you can get far greater control of your own funds than would otherwise have been true, and so can legally be allowed to limit your tax liability to HMRC.

Among the more successful uses of this scheme is QROPS USA - if you’re considering retiring to California, as so many Brits do every year, then you should definitely ponder using a QROPS to move your pension fund with you in the most efficient means available.