Should School Uniforms Be Required?

Uniforms Should Be Required In All Schools!


Students in public and Private schools should be required to wear uniforms. Uniforms are a good thing to promote in all schools because everyone’s equal. This helps children actually learn and focus in class and not worrying about what they are wearing or what they look like. Having a uniform policy it creates a good learning environment for the students. The use of uniforms has reduced the violence associated with wearing gang member colors. By wearing these uniforms students cannot be associated with gang members and their colors.


All Public schools should have a uniform policy. By requiring this policy students are academically improving a lot. It gives kids a good environment for focusing and participating in class without being judged on what their wearing, they also no longer need to over think about wearing the next day to school.

Body Pharagraph

Yes many students and few parents do not agree with public schools adoption a uniform. Students disagree because they feel that by having a school uniform policy you aren’t able to express who you are during school. They also feel that school is a place to learn not a place where you should be told what to wear. But this is where they are wrong school is a place to learn and be safe while doing this. For example because of the uniform policy taken place in Long Beach California system 56 elementary and 14 middle schools in the fall of 1994 , violence and discipline problems have decreased majorly (Portent). The reason why few parents disagree with the school uniform policy is because some uniforms range up to $100 or more for shoes, pants/shorts and, shits/jacket. But in many cases schools are willing to supply the student with this specific clothing they are required to have if it’s an issue for the parents. All public schools should have a uniform policy it would be a very practical thing to have in a school there are many positive things that come out of adopting a school uniform like violence , sexual assaults , gang member associates and , drug use have all went down majorly ever since uniforms have taken place in schools .


All public schools should have a uniform policy requiring a uniform. It creates a good learning environment for the kids to focus and participate in class. After a period of time, kids will end up academically achieving great goals and getting good grades. There will be no one who has the best clothes or students desiring to have the latest brand. Having a uniform policy makes the playing field standard for everyone and allows kids to focus in class. It creates uniformity and equality.

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