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Free and paid versions available. On-line grading/reporting program used for entire

schools, but can be modified for individual teachers.

Active Grade:

Another solution for those who are looking for an online grade book.

Website builders:


Great website builder for any application. Students will love the ease of designing. Let your imagination go wild, but be sure to have a plan and vision for what you want your website to do or suffer the consequences of having it become too cumbersome.

Haiku Learning:

Cloud based tools. Great for schools who are looking for a whole-school solution.


On-line poster-simple website.

Great for promoting an event, giving parameters for a project, communicating details, etc. Some limitations to background, format and fonts, but great for the quick sharing of information

Assessment tools:


Compatible with JupiterEd.

Free with a school subscription to JupiterEd. Grades can be uploaded to the JupiterEd with a click of a button. Great tool for quizzes and assignments. Able to include graphic, audio and video files.


Give students a chance to interact and test them on their knowledge. Takes a little bit of work to find the right video or pictures to make it more meaningful, but a great way to check understanding. Make a quick quiz, start a discussion or conduct a survey! Students need their internet capable device to connect to the game. Input a code and get started.


Interact with mobile devices in and out of the classroom. Needs at least one mobile device in addition to the teacher computer to work.

Lingt Language: Record audio answers to questions.

Free version is limited. Great for language learners


Needs at least 2 devices to work. No student sign up needed. Create quizzes, get instant results to download or analyze in class.

Includes simple games to make group work more challenging and fun. Teachers can set up a quiz or activity and give students the code to access.

Infuse Learning: Needs at least 2 devices to work. teacher account controls activity. students log with code provided by instructor.

Presentation Tools:

Teacher Tube:

An alternative to YouTube. Many schools block YouTube, so this is a good alternative. You can upload your own videos and see what others have shared.

Promethean Planet:

Needs ActivInspire software to work. Sign-up and download through website.

SMART Templates: Needs software download to work.

Prezi: More than Powerpoint!

A different, free flowing way to present information. Good for the non-linear thinkers.

VoiceThread: Presentation and recording.

Great for students to document their learning. Also good for presentations.

Schools pay per enrollment and have access for the whole school. Needs a manager to input all the students and create accounts.

Padlet: Build a wall!

Story Bird: Online story writing.

Great for narrative writing. Includes many types of graphics.

Zoo Burst:

Free and paid versions available. Free version is limited, but can be useful.

GoAnimate Plus:

Personal use only with some limitations. Paid versions available.

GoAnimate for Schools:

Price depends on number of teachers and students (5 teachers, 200 students = $355)


Create entertaining and engaging presentations in minutes. Start with a template or start from scratch to design just what you want. You can create a slide show or video in minutes. Be sure to have a plan! Video audio must be done as a single clip!

Glogster Edu: $95 for 1 teacher and 125 students.

Teachers can sign up and create student accounts. This is an online-virtual poster with the ability to add in text, graphics, video, links and more. Some limitations, but gets better every year. Allows students to show their personalities and creativity without the need for purchasing materials. Also good for doing a digital showcase or asynchronous gallery walk with feedback. Teachers can set up "projects," give feedback and assign a score.

Study aides:


Set up "Courses" to maximize the use of this brain-based program. Input your own vocabulary and sentences or find an existing course. Levels break down the content into manageable chunks. Let the students study on their own.


One of the best tools for vocabulary and concept memorization. Full of pre-made sets. Students can make their own sets to study. Includes flash cards, games, quizzes and more. Teachers can create classes and assign study sets to the classes. Also tracks progress.

Quia: Cost: $49 a year per teacher.

Great for vocabulary building. Includes pre-made games. Just add in the content and the program creates activities for you. Also includes an item back to use with quizzes. Teachers are able to track students in their classes. Can include immediate feedback for self correction.

Surveys and More:

Question Pro:

Great for taking surveys.

Micro Poll:

Good for a quick survey.

Google Drive:

Sign Up Genius: Organizing groups and functions.

Great for organizing and keeping track of sign up details.

ThreeRing: SMART phone app. creates archives of student work.

TodaysMeet: Backchannel for engaging students!

Great for students to use during lectures, guest presentations, meetings, etc. that they may need to give feedback to. Should be used with strict parameters and focused content or this could get out of hand. Teachers can monitor in real time, save for different durations and get immediate feedback.

Reflection: Mirror your iPod/iPad on your screen.

Cindy Wong

Moanalua High School

World Language Learning Center Coordinator

Japanese Teacher