My Solubility Project with vinegar



My purpose of doing this project is to see if baking soda , powdered sugar ,table salt ,and flour with water has the same reaction with the vineger


I think that the baking soda and table salt is soluble with vinegar and I think that flour and powdered sugar is not soluble .


step 1: pour the baking soda into the cup of vinegar.

step 2 : take a picture of the baking soda in the vinegar.

step 3: stir the cup for 2 minutes.

step 4: observe the cup to see if the vinegar was clear and the substance were dissolved.

step 5:repeat steps 1-4 for the powdered, table salt, and flour.


My observations and hypothesis was right the baking soda, the table salt,and the powdered sugar wasn't going to be substances behind but the flour did