Christmas In Germany

By: Robert and Tyler

Foods traditionally eaten

In Germany during Christmas people usually eat, Roast Goose or duck stuffed with apples, chestnuts onion and prunes. They also eat Red cabbage with onions and apple, Boiled Potatoes and dumplings. They drink Butter grog, German Egg nog, Hot Egg Punch with Red Wine, Hot Mulled Wine and Winennese Flaming Fire Tongs Punch.


Santa Claus in Germany is Known as Der Weihnachtsmann . He brings the presents on December 24th. Some people say Santa is called Christ kid.

Christmas Traditions

The Christmas tree began in Germany during the middle ages. The Christmas tree represents the tree of life. Saint Boniface cut down an oak tree that was scared the tree fell and crushed all the trees around it except a fir tree Boniface declared that the tree was he tree of Christ and that why its associated with Christmas.

Traditional Decorations

Germany was the first country to use glass ornaments as decorations. Decorate a evergreen tree. They put up a advent wreath, advent calendar, Christmas tree and they have a lot of Christmas markets.
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The showers will dampen the days leading up to Christmas across Northern Germany however mild air will remain over the country as whole.