Cora's Portfolio

OHANA means family, family means nobody gets left behind


I was born in a hospital called St. Margaret's health system in Spring Valley, IL. I have four other siblings named Rachael, Sasha, Marty, and Kayden. my Birthday is July 7th 2001. My parents names are Lori and David Miller but, my dad likes to be called Dave. My friends names are Jenny, Drew, Cory E, William, Des, Justin R. My interests are YouTube, gaming, taking care of animals, and being with my AWESOME friends. My hobbies are gaming, being with friends, riding my bike, and playing games on my IPod. My career I want when I grow up is to be a dog trainer because I love dogs and I want to train dogs to be good with their owners.


My self-Esteem is 36 and it is lower than I expected it to be I thought would be around 40 because I am a emotional person. My result's mean that I deal with Rejection all the time and it is true. I will improve my Self-Esteem while I still grow up because I have my whole life to improve it. I expected it to be bigger because I don't go through rejection all the time now but , I have been ignored so many times and I feel alone and I did not that feeling and so now I feel less alone because I have the most amazing friends in the whole world. My self-Esteem fits me perfect because I hate being left alone for the day. So I will improve my self-esteem for everybody to see a different person.
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The attitude test said I was a positive attitude person which I expected because I am a positive person. When I am in a stuck position I will always think positive. I will maintain this positive way is to always think positive even when you are down. my results mean that I am a good thinker and I will always be that way forever. I am a positive person even when I am alone which I am always with my family. I am always a positive person and I like it that way forever.
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Career Aptitude

My results were things that suited me like being a singer, a musician, and being a actor. All these things I did not expected to come up for being my right career because I thought that I wanted to be a dog trainer which of course I want to do. The careers that showed up were a surprise because I never even thought about being any of those. I wanted them to be worth my while and they are which is so cool. So my career results are the best that they can be because they are the cool jobs to have in a life time. My careers fit me in a way that a friend would be there for you and you don't know why that is the feeling I get with these careers.
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Learning Style

My learning is Auditory, It means that I am a good listener and I learn by hearing even thou I tend too learn more by touch then by ear. I am a auditory because I Learn by ear i guess because that is what the test told me just because I listen to music. I am an auditory because I listen I listen better then touching or seeing i don't know why but ok. I did not expect that because i learn better by felling then ear, I know that I guess that I can be an auditory but, I like to learn all three way but, I am an ear person even thou I do get ear earaches. I will forever be an auditory even in collage but, I hope i am more a feller then a hearing person. I love being an auditory because I can learn things that a feller can't.
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Personality Type

My personality type is an ESFP which means I am a Extravert, Sensing, Felling, and Perceiving person. I tend to feel sad at anything even watching a movie. I feel more then I think. I tend to perceive then to judge people. I talk more then I think which I am not supposed to do.
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Brain Test

My brain test said that I am a right brained person which I am. It means that I am a creative, I am curious a lot, I am most of the time. I am a chaotic person which I am also if you did not know already. I am more creative then logical, I do more creative things that being all logical like doing problems on a math worksheet I can't really do that because I always doodle on them. I am a right brained person looking at this then I will let you because we are all friends aren't we now.
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My personality color

My personality color is blue which means I am emotional, comforting, and I am naturally intuitive. I am a emotional person because if my friend's relative died I would cry, If a YouTuber I liked died I would never leave my bedroom because I am that emotional. If you don't like an emotional person then don't hang around me then, I will be with my friends if you want to hang out sometimes. I have a sixth sense that means I have a feeling in my gut that is always right, well almost right. I will always be this emotional even when I am nnot around.
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Career Interest

1. My career pathways

1) human service, law/public safety, education and training, and government.

2. none match of what I like to do, they all say stuff about Education and Training. which I want to do but it is with animals not with people.

3. The clusters are the same they all go under the topic of Education and Training.

4. fire fighters, travel agent.

5. Education and Training.

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Skill Interest

1. journalism and broadcasting, professional support services, preforming arts, visual arts, design/pre-construction.

2. yes some of them did like the performing arts, visual arts, and broadcasting all of those matched my interests.

3. One of the five that I would want to do is the broadcasting because since I am going to be a YouTuber I will need to know how to broadcast a video.

4. create special effects, animation or other visual images, and draw images and ideas for others to review. N/A,the national salary is $29.50. National is 6% increase in employment.

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