Austins Colony

Mexicans join our colony

We're your paradise

Austin's colony is just what you need, looking for cheap land? Were selling ours for 12.5 cents an acre. Austin's colony is your way for a fresh start , its a perfect opportunity at a new life. Think of us as your paradise

Our Colony


  • We have beautiful rich soil perfect for farming. We have hundreds of acres of land going on for miles. Its only 12.5 cents an acre that's a steal. Plus all Mexicans get more land than the Americans. If you have a family you get even more, so grab the family and come to Texas. Don't have a family? Well that's okay because we have plenty of beautiful woman who would make perfect wives here in Austins colony.
  • We have a very safe environment. With great resources such as rivers, crops, and animals for food
  • Do you have a past you want to forget? We're the perfect place for a fresh start


What are you waiting for? Pack your things and come on down.