Andrew Jackson

Mabree Dyess Period 8

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was caused by 2 tariffs.The tariff of 1828 and 1832. South Carolina tries to nullify the Tariff and not pay.It was a confrontation between South Carolina and the Federal Government. It ended when congress lowered the tariff and the south agreed.

Trail of Tears

The United States Government "exchange" the Indians land with less desierable land west of the Mississippi. Jackson signed the law thinking it was a great idea. The indians were not at all happy and had to walk the whole 800 miles to Oklahoma. Many got sick and died on the way there.

Spoils System

The Spoils System is where the awarded candidate gives a job to its supporters. So when the awarded candidate becomes president the supporter(s) can help the president to do what they think is right. Many do this as a reward for working toward victory.

Political Cartoon and Explanation

This cartoon explains Jackson presidency very well. He acted like he was a king and its shows he has the power to veto laws. And the Constitution is ripped up and he is stepping on it.

Cherokee Perspective

I need help. I can not do this anymore. Yesterday Andrew Jackson told me and my fellow Indians that we could not live here anymore. He took everything we had and put us on a trail all the way west of the Mississippi. My children are getting ill. Wish us luck as we go along this 800 mile journey.

Southerner Perspective

The Nullification crisis has ended and we agree to pay the tariff. I was worried we would never agree but finally we have. The days have passed quicker than ever. I heard that jackson used the spoils system and i can't believe it. Ill talk to you later pal.