Uncle Tom's Cabin

Neal Trujillo, Oscar Ibanez


In the 19th century the incorporation of African Americans affected the home life of many white Americans. With the addition of African Americans to society they began to alter the societal views of the youth of white families despite the adult views of slaves and blacks.

Neal's thoughts

a) The images covey an idea that whites treated African Americans differently depending on their own age and gender. The youth of white families tend to interact a lot more socially with the slaves and even create connections and friendships with them while the adults act as authorities and cause fear in the blacks.

b) It was most surprising that the young white females felt very comfortable with the black man (Uncle Tom) even though their parents taught them that slaves were irrelevant to the lifestyle they lived.

Oscar Thoughts

More subtle ideas conveyed by the images are the thoughts that the children of the time, despite their parents feeling of superiority to the slaves and black as a people and would try to avoid interaction except for discipline, the children felt none of this as the played and iinteracted with blacks without reserve. Its very surprising that despite the socialization of the children teaching then that slaves were inferior as well as free blacks, they still play with and have fun with them as if they were equal.