Stay away from drugs


Have you ever wondered what D.A.R.E is for?Well I am going to tell you.D.A.R.E is to help

you understand why not to do drugs and other things that can hurt you like smoking, drinking and alcohol.You may also have wondered what D.A.R.E stands for,every letter has a meaning, D=Define, A=Assess, R=Respond, E=Evaluate. And those words mean Define- Describe the problem, challenge or opportunity, Assess-What are your options, Respond-Make a choice, Evaluate-Review your decision. I think these are very important to know because knowing what these words mean helps you better understand what D.A.R.E is.You should check the D.A.R.E program out it is wonderful and I assure you you will learn something new.

Drugs,Alcohol,and Smoking Can Hurt your Body

Doing drugs can hurt you and cause you brain damage.But drugs aren't the only things that can hurt you so can alcohol and smoking.Smoking can cause heart disease, lung cancer and not to mention your skin will start breaking out and peeling off.Now for alcohol.Alcohol can make your heart muscles weaker and can also effect your brain so do yourself a favor don’t do drugs ,don´t smoke and finally don´t drink alcohol it’s for your health.

Say No!

So people who do and people who don’t do that stuff have one thing in common they both have to think and what I mean by think is think if they should say yes or no to drugs.But they also have some differences like, they hang out with different groups.People who do drugs probably hangout with people who encourage them to do drugs.But people who don’t do drugs most likely hang out with people who don’t encourage them to do drugs.Another difference is health.People who do drugs may have a lot of health disorders but people who don’t probably don't have health disorders they are probably as healthy as can be.So make a choice and help others make the right decision.


Effect-a change that is a result or consequence of a action or other cause

Encourage-give support, confidence or hope to someone

Disease-a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people so

Damage-a loss or harm caused by injury one person or property

Decision-a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration

Difference-a point or way in witch someone or thing's are not the same

D.A.R.E Quiz

1.Your friend offers you a beer what do you do?

A.Say okay and drink it

B.Walk away or say no

2.Your parents are gone and your friend comes over and asks you if you want to play call of duty but you know you are not allowed to because it is too violent what do you do?

A.Play it and don't tell your parents

B.Don't play the game and ask your friend if he wants to play basketball

3.You are walking home from school and decide to stop at the gas station for a drink and as you are walking out a stranger offers you drugs what do you do?(Pick all that works)

  • Do the drugs
  • Walk away
  • Run away
  • Say no