Christmas project


Mom's present

This year I wanted to get my mom a lot of presents but I was only able afford one thing.I saved up 480$ for my whole family.For my mom I got her a Micheal Kors purse I was lucky because it was on sale.This cost of it me 144.05$ it was really expensive.

Dad's present

My dad has been asking for tools for his job and work around the house.I kinda struggle looking for tools that are on sale I could not find one.Then I went to Sears and found him a perfect tool box.It had 258 pieces of tools and it only cost 145.39$

Big sister's present

Now for my teenage sister was the hardest I didn't know what teenage girls like these days.I asked my mom for some advise and she was naming almost everything she liked.Then decided just to get her a diamond heart necklace.I found one at Macy's and it was on sale it only cost 40.00$

Little brother's present

My little brothers present was the easiest present out of my whole family since I'm a boy I knew what he likes.Everytime we went to the store I would always go to the toy section and look for a awesome toy.Then I found him a Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave Play Set it only cost me 42.40$

The day of Christmas

When it was finally the day of Christmas I was nervous no one was going to like their presents.When everyone got to my present they were all happy with their brother opened his present right away. I was that I did this I might just do it next year.