Social Officer Tryout

Jewel Lee

My information

My name is Jewel Lee and I am a sophomore as of 2016-17. My GPA is a 2.9. The position I would like is vice president.


Social officers are important because they help plan the events. They also serve as a role to the team to do the best they can everyday. The director expects us to work hard, to help inspire the team, and for us to get along. Leadership is important because when you are an officer you have to be able to lead the team the right direction and when they aren't in the right direction help steer them to the right one. The social officer should be responsible for helping the director, other officers, and the team when needed, plan the events for the team, and come up with fun ideas to motivate the team.

Team bonding

Two team outings that I think would be good for the team is having a lock-in and going to water park. Three football team gifts i suggest is for the first game a cowbell homecoming a tiny fan and last game a little team picture. Opposing team gift idea would be logo on canvas. Two stress relief games is the rain game and coconut and palm tree games that we played this year everyone liked. Team camp gift I liked was water bottles. New traditions that we should start is getting color coded beads for doing something to help the team and what ever they do is a different color and order. An idea for celebrating birthdays is having a birthday crown and for the day they wear the birthday crown and give it back at the end of the school day.

Social officer 15-16 year

I liked how the officer worked so well together and how we got the work done efficiently because the things we had todo made it a lot easier. The things I think we can deal without is the drama that we sometimes had. The social officer that stood out the most would be Shyanne she was always on the ball of things and made sure everything was done right. I think we should have a social media manager so others know what we are doing and they can keep up with how we are doing.
April 8, 2016