Mrs. Cohen's News

November 2013

The autumn air is finally heading our way - please make sure that your child has appropriate outdoor wear for recess. It might be a good idea to keep a hat and gloves in your child's school bag.

We have many things happening this month. Please stay tuned for updates and important dates:

11/5 NO SCHOOL for Students (Teacher In-service Day)

11/5 Wheel of Fortune Viewing party 6:30-8:30 or if you can't attend - check it out or DVR it from 7:30-8:00 on 6ABC

11/7 Picture Re-take

11/13 Spirit Day - TBD Mustache Day - wear a mustache - no face paint please!


11/26-11/27 NO SCHOOL for Students - Parent-Teacher Conferences (schedules will be sent home by 11/15)

11/28 Happy Thanksgiving

11/28 Hanukkah Begins



We have started Unit 3 in math. We are going to begin working on math facts (addition first) this week. I will be starting with +0 facts. The children will have 5 minutes to complete the 35 problems. In order to show mastery, your child needs to complete the math page within 2 minutes. Once your child has successfully completed the +0 facts, he/she will move onto the +1 facts and so on through +10. It is my hope, to send home the facts stapled together as they are mastered (so you will get a stapled packet of +0, +1, +2 and so on).

ELA Update

We have begun our 2nd Anthology. Please check your child's folder. A pink paper for "Think Central" was sent home on November 1st with directions on how to log into this program. On Think Central, your child can practice reading the story we are currently working on OR a past story. I do ask that your child NOT go ahead, as I do some predicting lessons and if they have already read the story it won't be a true reflection as to whether they are making a good prediction on a future story. I have also granted access to the Decodable Books for each week. These are great little reinforcement books for the vowel pattern that we are working on that week. They also have a lot of high frequency words in them. It is something that we don't always get to do in class - so you may be interested in using that at home if your child brings home a short Home Reader.

Speaking of Home Readers - I will be reassessing teir levels for November on Monday and Tuesday, so you might notice a change in level.

Home Reader Program

This will be the start of the fourth week of the Home Reader Program. Each night, your child is expected to read the book in his/her manila folder and it should be recorded on the monthly log. The level that your child is placed at should be a level that they are able to read independently. The books may seem "easy." That is the way it is supposed to be! The purpose of reading at your independent level at this age is to build fluency, a good reading rate, and to ensure that your child builds the confidence needed to begin a life-time love of reading. Remember that reading is not just being able to "read" the words on the page. Reading entails building meaning by comprehending what is read and being able to take that information and make inferences, predictions and connections. If your child finsihes the book and still has time left in their 15 minues of reading block, feel free to supplement with a story from their anthology (on Think Cental) or a book that you have at home. We developed this program to help parents know what their child is capable of reading at an independent level.

AS a reminder - the Think Central Website can be accessed using the Student Wiki (found on the Methacton Homepage) - their user name is their initials and their lunch ID # and the password is methacton.


Conferences will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 26th and 27th. I will do my best to accomodate everyone's time request. Please know that we are only allottd a short amonut of time to meet. Please be punctual so that the schedule for the day is not interrupted. I really appreciate your help with this.

Your scheduled Conference time will be sent home by November 18th.