School of Grammar Gazette

October 3-7

October is Anti-Bullying Month!

As discussed at our faculty meeting and at some grade level meetings, I'd like every classroom teacher to do 3 things during the month of October:

  • The Anti-Bullying powerpoint is in the LS Folder in the Google Drive. Please review this with your class.
  • Read a book and have a discussion with your class. Even better if the book/ conversation can tie to an issue that is happening in your class or grade level (i.e. exclusion at recess, name calling, mean comments, etc.) Some ideas for books can be found on the "Welcoming All Students Resource List", also in the LS Folder in the Google Drive. All of these books are located on a bookshelf in the main office conference room if you'd like to review or borrow any of them. You can also use a book of your choice!
  • Do some sort of community-building activity or project. I will send some ideas in a separate email, or you can use an idea you may have!

Looking for Volunteers for the Nova Sleepover!

As a Great Gathering, I will be hosting a sleepover at school for 50-60 students on Friday, May 5. It is a great time - dinner, scavenger hunt, crafts, gym games, movie, breakfast and more! Please let me know if you'd like to help out - either during the evening or sleeping over! (It's lots of fun!!)

Unity Day

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Nova will be participating in the nationwide Unity Day on Wednesday, October 19. Students will be signing a Unity Day banner, showing their commitment to unite the school in kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. On this day, students are invited to wear orange shirts/tops with uniform bottoms to show their support. Any orange shirt will work, but official Unity Day shirts can be purchased here. Order by October 5th to receive your shirts in time for Unity Day! Students who are not participating by wearing orange must be in their regular uniforms. More about Unity Day can be found here. We are looking forward to a great day!

Conduct Reports and Progress Reports!

In preparation for report cards, you can begin working on your conduct reports!

Versions of the reports can be found on the server:

X:\A SCHOOL OF GRAMMAR/Conduct Reports/16-17

Grades K-2: Use the K-2 version

Grades 3-5: Use the other version

Please make a homeroom-specific folder that contains all of your reports on one document, in alphabetical order. These can be saved in the same folder as the original. Please save them as “Last Name 16-17”.

*If a student is getting a C- or below in any of your classes, please send a progress report so there are no surprises at conferences!

Lexiles and Book Selection

In the process of talking with a parent about recommending books, I found this website which is super helpful in selecting books within a child's reading range, whether you know their lexile level or not. You can get an idea of grades 4-5 lexile levels by looking at the MCA scores. You can also select books based on the student's grade level and whether they find the books they read for school too difficult, too easy or just right. From there, they can choose from different categories of books to find a book that suits them.

I suggest checking it out and passing it along to parents if you feel like it is a good resource! (stands for "Find a Book")

To learn more about lexiles as well as see a handy chart that correlates lexiles with DRA levels, you can visit this link:

Upcoming Events!

Monday, October 3: Parent Education Night - Classical Education 101

Thursday, October 6 & Friday, October 7: Brooke at MN Principal Academy

Friday, October 14: Haunting Tales (insert evil laugh here!)

Thursday, October 20: No School - DDI Analysis Day

Thursday, October 20: Choir Practice!

Friday, October 21: No School!

High Fives!

From Rebecca: Shout-out to Laura Heuett - What a great Temperance speech-- Witty, thoughtful, and engaging!

From Brooke: Shout-out to the Fifth Grade Team for a wonderful virtue assembly to kick off the year!

From Brooke: Thanks to Maria, Marlo, Ben, and Traci for doing the PACER Run on Saturday! What a beautiful day and event it was!

From Brooke: Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers who gave up part of their Saturday to read and/or attend the Book Fair, which raised lots of money for Nova! Way to go!

No video this week....but this is a great read!