Makerspace Coordinator Certificate

A Krause Center for Innovation Higher Education Program

What is it?

The Makerspace Coordinator is a certificate program that is designed for people who are seeking employment in makerspaces within community centers, libraries, and educational settings. The program provides instruction and support for building models and prototypes, strategies to spark innovation and invention, and creative problem-solving and collaboration. This certificate is ideal for classified and certificated personnel at school sites, community center volunteers and employees, librarians and assistants, and anyone interested in becoming a creative and collaborative member of a makerspace. This summer, we are offering the program for our first cohort.

The approximate total cost of this program is under $750 (registration for three quarters and 18 units at Foothill College). See for specific breakdown of Foothill College fees.

Program Schedule for Cohort 1:

The program begins with a week of an intensive program at the Krause Center in Los Altos Hills, California. The in-person classes are 7/30 through 8/3/18, with coursework continuing online until 8/31/18. Two follow-up sessions in the fall, and two follow-up sessions in the winter quarter will help fulfill the requirements of the coursework.

Summer intensive courses:

7/30: CRN 10919 - LINC 77A - Design Thinking Process (2 units)*

7/31: CRN 10920 - LINC 78A - Computational Thinking for Educators (2 units)*

8/1: CRN 11148 - LINC 78B - Project-Based Technology Projects (2 units)*

8/2: CRN 10978 - LINC 84A - 3D Design Concepts (2 units)*

8/3: CRN 10923 - LINC 73H - Adobe Illustrator Overview (1 unit)* and CRN 10922 - LINC 80 - Multimedia Overview (1 unit)*

Fall quarter follow-up courses:

Dates and information to be announced (Courses are held on Saturdays)

Introduction to Instructional Design and Technology (3 units)*

E-Portfolios (1 unit)*

Winter quarter follow-up courses:

Dates and information to be announced (Courses are held on Saturdays)

Block-Based Programming* (2 units)*

Design Thinking & Tinkering (2 units)*

Total: 18 units

*All coursework has an additional online component.

To enroll, follow the directions found here.

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