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Fabrics Used for Making Tuxedos

While there are several fabrics used for making tuxedos, the most popular fabrics are wool, silk, velvet, satin and polyester.

Tuxedos made of polyester have a remarkably wrinkle-resistant nature, in addition to an immensely smooth finish. Further, polyester is known to be a much more economical fabric than others like silk.

Tuxedos made of silk remain unparalleled when it comes to softness, beauty and smoothness. These characteristics make a silk tuxedo look very luxurious and rich. Considered as being one of the strongest fabrics in the world, silk is perfect for use throughout the year without compromising on the wearer’s comfort levels. This quality makes a silk tuxedo perfect as it can keep the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter.

Satin tuxedos are often employed for making bridal wear and evening functions. This is because it resembles pure silk in appearance and comes in a variety of different colours. Since satin as a material is very simple and soft, hand washing is the best way for cleaning tuxedos made using this fabric. However, this fabric is prone to staining easily. While sending a silk tuxedo for dry cleaning is a good way of cleaning the tuxedo, it can also be washed by hand. However, care should be taken to ensure that no bleaches are used for cleaning the stains, as it could well result in damaging the fabric altogether.

Woollen tuxedos are ideal for cold weather – wearing them during summer can make the wearer feel unbearably hot. However, when buying a woollen tuxedo, care must be taken to ensure that wool of high quality is used to make the tuxedo. The durability, heaviness and warmth provided by wool make these tuxedos ideal for cold conditions.

Although they are not very common, velvet tuxedos provide a luxurious feel that raise comfort levels for the wearer considerably. Unlike woollen tuxedos that are wrinkle-resistant, velvet tuxedos need to be hung rather than folded as they wrinkle easily. Generally, dark colours are easier to clean and look perfect with a spotless white business shirt.

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