Food for Thought

Volume 13


Even though the trees are bare and the weather has turned cold, we continue to grow students' academic prowess and character traits.
I've had the chance to present the focus of my walk-throughs to two of the SLC's, so please continue to be reflective on how we are implementing constructive responding with our students. Look for opportunities to build a collegial classroom, hallway, and school-wide environment.
Please enjoy this week's submissions, and feel free to discuss, implement, or tweak depending on your needs.

Music: Your life's theme song.

R/LA: Resources (lessons connect with NWEA)

Science: Project Based Learning Videos

Social Studies: Tips for dealing w/Primary Sources

Math: Rate, Ratios, and the Real World--not the MTV Show

Physical Education: Resources for lessons (might require signing up)

Art: Resources for Standards Based Grading in Art

School Culture: Cultivating Student Voice

Administration: What Great Principals Do Differently