Eastwood Elementary Update

February, 2020

Thank You

I really appreciate the kindness on for my birthday. Having such a large number of students wearing black on that Friday was awesome! Thank you again!

State testing Information

State testing begins in April and ends in May. We have seven different tests in Third through Fifth grades. Each test is broken up into two sections, with each ranging from 60 to 90 minutes in length. Here is a list of testing dates for you.


7th- 4th grade ELA part 1

8th-4th grade ELA part 2

15th-5th grade ELA part 1

16th-5th grade ELA part 2

21st-3rd grade ELA part 1

22nd-3rd grade ELa part 2

23rd-4th grade Math part 1

24th-4th grade Math part 2

28th-5th grade Math part 1

29th-5th grade Math part 2

30th-3rd grade Math part 1


1st-3rd grade Math part 2

5th-5th grade Science part 1

6th-5th grade Science part 2

Make up testing will occur ongoing but must be completed by the 8th

If your child is ill, please keep them home and have them retake the test upon returning to school.

Drop off and Pick up

Please remember that if you are dropping off your child in the morning to either go to the large parking lot and drop off or wait until all the buses have left before pulling in front of the school. It is recommended to have students get out of the vehicle on the curb-side, keeping them away from traffic.

If you are dropping off in the front of the building, you must wait until after 8:45 so that buses are already gone. We try to keep our buses and cars apart, but after 8:45, it is safe to drop off in front.

It is also encouraged that all calls for changes in plans happen before 2:00, so that we can plan and get information to the students. Please do not email the teacher, as they may not see the email in time.

5th grade Reading News!

78 fifth graders met the challenge of reading over Christmas break. Students were given three challenge levels. These 15 fifth grade students achieved the highest challenge level by reading 100 steps each during that time! That's 25 hours of reading for each of them! Great job! You are amazing!

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Working together, building culture!!

Second graders and fifth graders reading together.....

Wood County Youth Olympics

The Wood County Prosecutor's Office, Wood County ADAMHS Board, and Wood County ESC are proud to announce the return of Youth Olympics! We need lots of volunteers to help make the event a success for the participants. Please see the details below. Folks can go to https://forms.gle/Gzxh1MYaBiGmkTk26 to register. Please share on your website, social media, etc!

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Kindergarten news

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Chudzinski’s class have loved reading with Mrs. Pease’s second graders each week! The students take turns reading books out of their book bins. We look forward to Thursday mornings each week!

Dance Clinic Information

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PTO news

The PTO is currently meeting after school at 3:45 in the library. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 11. We are going to try an evening meeting in March to see if that would work better for parents to attend. Meeting time and place will be sent home at a later time.

The PTO is also looking to start an email list. That way we can send home reminders and notices just by email. If you would like to sign up, please send us an email at: Eastwood.Eagles.PTO@gmail.com. Please include your name and your students name and grade so we can get to know who you are. Also include if you would like to be more involved and any suggestions you may have for us. Parent involvement is very important to not only the group, but also the students. We help support many functions including the family dance, teacher reimbursement, right to read week, fundraising events and so on. We are looking for parent support to keep helping with events.

We are looking into streaming the PTO meetings live. More on this will be discussed and hopefully be up and running for parents that cannot attend the meetings in person. Also, you can look us up on Facebook. We would love to see many more parents join the page and get updates and information that way too.

Please don't forget about the family dance on Saturday, February 15 from 5:30-7:30pm. We are still in need of donations for the theme baskets. The grade colors are as follows:

Kindergarten - Yellow

1st - Green

2nd - Blue

3rd - Orange

4th - Red

5th - Purple

If you have a company or business in mind that would like to donate they can drop off in the school office.

Thank you for all of your continued support!!

Family Dance information and Sign up

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Volunteer Sign up for the Dance

Here is the sign up link to volunteer for the family dance.


PTO fundraiser

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Important Dates


4th- BGSU students visit our building

6th-BGSU students visit our building

11th- PTO meeting at 3:45

15th- PTO Family Dance from 5:30-7:30 in our gym

17th- BOE meeting at 6:00

-No School- Presidents' Day


2nd-Facilities meeting at 7:00 in Bus garage

Week of March 9th- Invest in the Nest Week for our entire district

9th- 2-hour delay

16th-BOE meeting at 6:00

20th-End of 3rd quarter

23rd-27th- No School-Spring Break