for hire

Do you need a babysitter?

If you need a babysitter for your children/child, hire me! Do not fret because I am a new babysitter, I am very friendly and responsible! I will treat your kids like my own if I had my own! I am very fun and caring to children! We need to know your address and phone number, were you are going to be, your children's allergies, how many children, there hobbies, there names and age, witch rooms, and your disciplinary ways. And before you hire me there are a few more things you should know...

I am available at almost any time!

I am not available 5 A.M-7 P.M Monday- Friday. If you need a babysitter at those times I apologize, but I need to be at school at those times.

Your children are in good hands

Guaranteed to be fun for your children!

How much, what number do we text?

For how much you might ask, well it depends in how many kids. 1-3 $6, 4-6 $7, 7 and above $10. My number is ###-###-####.

We are friends!