Dwight D. Eisenhower


Presidential Election


- 34th President of the United States

-took place when Cold War tension between the United States and Soviet Union was increasing

-Eisenhower ran against Adlai Stevenson (Governor against Illinois)

-Truman could've run for president again since the 22nd amendment did not effect that current administration. However, his popularity plummeted so he decided not to run.

-Eisenhower picked Nixon as his running mate

-Issues that were addressed were stopping communists.


-Ran against Adlai Stevenson (Democrat)

-Vice President was Richard Nixon

-Eisenhower won with 457 electoral votes and 35,590,472 popular votes

Cold War

  1. Political tension between USSR and US
  2. 1945-1990
  3. 1953: Dien Bien Phu has Communist control, Vietnam splits, SEATO created
  4. 1955: Warsaw Pact signed
  5. 1956: Suez Crisis
  6. 1957: Eisenhower Doctrine launched Sputnik I and Sputnik II
  7. 1958: National Defense Education Act pass
  8. 1959: Fidel Castro in power
  9. 1960: American U-2 spy plane shot down

Joseph McCarthy

  1. Joseph McCarthy thought Democrats and government officials were traitors
  2. Brought attention to Secretary of State Dean Acheson hiring 205 communists, but he did not.
  3. Attacked U.S army and army fought back
  4. Eventually kicked out of the Senate
  5. Died on May 2, 1957


  • Sweatt v. Painter- separate schools for different races ruled unequal in 1950
  • Little Rock Crisis: Governor Faubus did not want 9 black students going to Little Rock high school. Eisenhower had troops escort them to school instead
  • Rosa Parks arrested for in the white section of a bus in 1955
  • Civil Rights Act of 1957: permanent Civil Rights Commission
  • Montgomery Buss Boycott: MLK Jr. started nonviolent way of protesting government
  • Brown v. Board of Education: said that segregation was unconstitutional in schools in 1954

Republicanism Policies

  • Reduced military funding from military buildup
  • cancelled the "Indian New Deal"
  • kept certain new deal programs (social security, unemployment, insurance, etc.)
  • Started small companies and got rid of large public companies
  • transfered control of oil fields to state government

Vietnam War

  • US did not help French in fear of another war
  • eventually agreed to help Diem, after he said to make changes
  • Eisenhower still did not help Britain and France even in the Suez Crisis (they wanted oil)
  • Stalin denounced in 1956
  • Sues Crisis: President Nasser of Egypt nationalized Suez Canal
  • U.S limited Hungarian immigration yo 30,000 people due to heightened violence
  • Eisenhower Doctrine: 1957, promised aid (military and economic( to Middle Eastern countries

Space Race

  • Soviets launched Sputnik I, which was the first artificial satellite, on October 4th, 1957
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was made
  • Satellite launched in 1958
  • National Defense and Education Act (NDEA) was made in 1958.
  • NDEA used education loans and grants
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