Ruben Fermin


Type Of Music

1. What is the name of your music? (Is there any significance to the name?) - The name of this type of music is raggaeton. The name means reggae en español or spanish reggae.

b. Where is at played, listened and or danced to most commonly. - The genre was invented, shaped and made known in Puerto Rico where it got its name; most of its current artists are also from Puerto Rico.After its mainstream exposure in 2004, it spread to North American, European, Asian and African audiences.

c. Who are the people associated with this type of music - There is a wide range of people who are associated with this music it is very popular in Latin America and Caribbean.


a. What is the origin of the music? - This genre of music has its roots in Latin Caribbean music. Originally created in Puerto Rico.

(WHEN, WHERE, HOW or WHY did it originate) - There is no exact date for when it was created. It started in Puerto Rico. It was started because of the popularity of spanish reggae.

b. What are the musical influences of the music? - This type of music is influenced heavily by Jamaican dance hall, Trinidadian soca, and Latin American music such as salsa and Latin hip-hop.


a. What are the major characteristics of the music? - Reggaeton lyrical structure resembles hip hop lyrics. Like hip hop, most reggaeton artists recite their lyrics rapping (or vocals resembling rapping) rather than singing however, many reggaeton artists alternate between rapping and singing. Reggaeton uses the traditional pop structure of verses, choruses and bridges.

b. What are the main instruments, vocals or arrangements? - Instruments that are used in raggaeton are drum machines, bass, and snares.

c. What social, cultural events or traditions is the music associated with? - There are not many social events or cultural events associated with type of music.

d. Are there special costumes associated with the music? - No.

e. Who are some of the most famous artists associated with the music? Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Wisen Y Yandel are some of the most famous artist associated with raggeaton.


a. What dances if any are associated with this music? - There are no dances that are school appropriate associated to this genre of music. I am sorry to disappoint you.

b. What are the characteristics of the dance? (Describe or Demonstrate) - The characteristics of these dances are very full of body contact and I now no longer feel comfortable going into detail about the dancing techniques.


a. Who, what and where is the music associated with today? - This music is associated with people in their teens and mid 20's. It is still associated with Latin America even with it's decline

b. What is the projected future of this music? - The raggaeton genre popularity has been on a steady decline since the mid 2000's. The future is not looking to much

brighter as it continues to lose popularity.