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What is TED-Ed?

Are you a teacher who is looking for an INNOVATIVE and COLLABORATIVE teaching method?

TED-Ed is one of the best choice to make the flipped classroom option look possible.

TED-Ed is a website featuring a curated series of educational videos on a huge variety of subjects. From the folks at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), whose TED talks have featured some of the world's brightest minds, TED-Ed is a place where kids can get some of that same inspiration.

Videos are primarily geared toward a high-school audience, but motivated middle-schoolers might enjoy a lot of the offerings as well. Along with all of the free video content, the site allows teachers to take any educational video, not just TED's, and easily use it to create a customized lesson.

TED-Ed has thousands of lessons that you can customize with your own questions and resources. Use these materials to supplement your own lessons, to help students prepare for tests, and to let accelerated students branch out.

What you need to know about TED-Ed?

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TED-Ed is committed to amplifying the voices of teachers by sharing TED-Ed Lessons, videos that introduce new topics to learners in an exciting, curiosity-inspiring way. These lessons represent collaborations between expert educators and animators. Each collaboration aims to capture and amplify a great lesson suggested by the TED community. Thus, TED-Ed encourage people to involve with making the most out of innovation class room by nominating an idea, educator or animator for a TED-Ed Lesson.

Let's get started!

To start using TED-Ed, you will need to create an account.

  • Go to TED-Ed website
  • Click on Register (if it is your first time using TED-Ed) or Log in (if you already have an account)
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  • Watch the following video and see how to create a lesson around short videos that have been given the TED stamp of approval!
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