ILEAP provides 1:1 Assistance

Time for a Different Approach

Do it your way.

ILEAP 1:1 Assistance can work in 2 innovative ways;

Firstly, if you already have a 1:1 worker then you can join in with the ILEAP programme and pay a reduced rate.

This will mean that you will still be able to be with your ILEAP friends at one of our many weekly sessions, but you will have the flexibility of staying for as little or as long as you wish, for a reduced fee.

Secondly, if you do not already have a 1:1 worker we can work with you to recruit a suitable person, with the right personality and skills for that perfect match.

Once you have been matched we will do all we can to ensure continuity by going the extra mile to ensure all parties are happy and content.

The Brucey Bonus

If you choose the ILEAP Charity for your 1:1 assistance then once you have been matched, all of the ILEAP group activities will be available for you to attend free of charge. This will give you and your 1:1 the flexibility to drop in and drop out of activities as and when suits you both.

Safety First

To ensure your safety and the safety of our Staff, ILEAP will only provide a 1:1 for assistance in group settings.

Ideally you will find an ILEAP group Activity that will be suitable, that way your ILEAP worker will have the support from their ILEAP Colleagues if required.

We can provide transport, but isolated 1:1 activities are not possible.

The Costs

If you have your own DBS checked 1:1 then the majority of our activities will offer a 10% discount on the advertised price.

If you choose an ILEAP 1:1 then the majority of ILEAP Activities will be free of charge, with just entrance costs to pay (if applicable)

Our 1:1 rate is £18 per hour.

It costs £10 per academic year to join the Charity, and once a member you can enjoy our reduced rates.

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