Teacher Data, Pre and Post Conference

Supplies Needed

Index Cards
Coaching Phase (DCF) Scripting Tool ****

Connector (with coaching partner)

  • Check-In
  • Guiding Question: In what ways have you applied the skills you have learned in previous sessions?
It's Not About The Nail

It's Not About The Nail

  1. Play video (Focus Question: How does this video connect to feedback you have received in the past?)
  2. One Minute Write-- Mentors will write for one minute about feedback they have received in the past. What types of feedback helped initiate growth? What types of feedback impeded growth?


  • using PPfT rubric and Four Square as tool
  • T. selects focus of lesson / goals of observation
  • what does _(the goal)_ look like to you?
  • observable behaviors
  • play video (What is focus of lesson? How did the mentor guide the focus of the observation?)
  • Discussion (whole group)


  • Review coaching phrase scripting tool (from Collaboration is Key seminar) Discuss what it means to be directive, collaborative, and facilitative
  • Play video (mentors script what the coach says depending on whether it is D, C, or F)
  • Which of these (D,C, F) promote growth? Can any of these impede growth?
  • Discussion (whole group)