G/T Transfers, Furloughs & Exits

Lewisville ISD Gifted & Talented Services

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Transfer Students (New to LISD)

Students must be officially enrolled in LISD prior to requesting gifted/talented placement.

When a student identified as gifted by a previous school district enrolls in LISD, a committee reviews the student’s records and conducts assessment procedures when necessary to determine if placement in the district’s program for gifted and talented students is appropriate.

The following must be provided and approved before LISD gifted/talented services may begin:

  • Qualifying assessment scores from the previous district which must include cognitive ability scores

  • Explanation of how scores were used to determine qualification for gifted/talented services

  • Documentation of gifted/talented placement and evidence of ongoing services

The above-mentioned documents are collected by the campus and then sent to the LISD G/T Services Department for review/approval before a student may begin receiving services on the home campus.

Additional testing may be required when:

  • Necessary records from a previous district cannot be obtained.

  • Qualifying cognitive ability scores are missing.

  • Qualification for gifted/talented services in the previous district was determined primarily with subjective measures (typically used as screening tools in LISD.)

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Transfer Students (Returning to LISD)

Students who leave LISD, but were originally assessed and qualified for placement while in the district, will be treated as transfer students.

Transfer Students (Between Campuses)

Current LISD students who transfer from one campus in the district to another shall continue to receive gifted/talented services.

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Furloughs (Pausing G/T Services)

LISD may furlough gifted/talented services for any student who is unable to maintain satisfactory performance or whose educational needs are not being met within the structure of the district's service model. A furlough may be initiated by the district, the parent, or the student.

In accordance with administrative regulations, a furlough shall be granted for specified reasons and for a specified period of time. At the end of a furlough, the student may resume gifted/talented services, be placed on another furlough, or be exited from the program.

If a furlough concludes at the end of a provisional period, the provisional time may be extended for the length of the original furlough. At that point, the student shall go through the regular provisional reassessment process or exit gifted/talented services.

A furlough may be used as an intervention before an exit is considered.

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Exit Provisions (Discontinuing G/T Services)

Student performance while receiving gifted/talented services is monitored. If at any time the campus, parent/guardian, and/or student determines it is in the best interest of a student's educational needs, the committee may exit the student from gifted/talented services.
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LISD Gifted & Talented Services

We strive to identify and engage a diverse population of gifted/talented students, build relationships that support student growth, ignite within students a desire for learning, and provide services and supports to meet students' unique social-emotional and educational needs every day.