Counselor's Corner

by Mrs. O

PurposeFull Practice: Courage, Lesson 1

Dear McKinley Family,

I spent time presenting Courage: Lesson 1, in all kindergarten and first grade classes this week. I can honestly say that you would be so very proud of your students! They were Respectful, Responsible, Kind, and Safe; and they soaked in all of the information.

Want to get involved in the fun? Here are a few ideas:

1. As a family, watch and discuss the short video clip: What is Courage?

2. Have your student teach you our Courage Chant and the hand motions.

3. Have your student teach you how to Breathe in Courage, and Exhale Fear.

4. Share about a time when you had to use Courage to try something new.

Remember, Courage is choosing to do what is good, right, and kind; even when it is hard or scary.

I hope your week was as wonderful and fulfilling as mine. Your children are blessings and we thank you for entrusting them to us. Have a terrific weekend!!!

Warmly yours,

Mrs. O

McKinley School Counselor

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2. Courage Chant

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3. Courage Breathing

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