Come to Mesopotamia

By:Denver Haslett and Lance Frederick

Mesopotamia is the fertile land between 2 rivers.

The Tigris and the Euphrates. Because of this it is a wonderful place for farmers because of its silty soil, the framers can plant many good crops. We invented irrigation and the plow so we have a surplus of crops.

We're Polytheist innovators.

We worship multiple gods, we have beautiful ziggurats and Demi God Kings. We believe that our gods live in our ziggurats. We invented iron, plows, Cuneiform, wheels, sailboats, math, astronomy, calendars, and library.

We are full of wars and peace. We were once multiple nations but now we are all one under the Prussians.

We trade everything we can make, and the more money you have the more respect you get.

Our lower class are the enslaved. The middle class is made of your basic bobs farmers, fisherman, merchants, and artisans. The upper class are the warriors, government, officials, priests, and kings.