Beautifull Butterflies

Interesting facts about butterflies

What are butterflies?

All butterflies are insects. Butterflies have three body parts. The three body parts are a head, a middle called a thorax, and the end part is called an abdomen. The thorax is the second part of the body of the butterfly. The butterflys' eyes and antennaes are connected to the butterflys' head.

The butterflys' life cycle

The female butterfly lay eggs and when the butterflies lay eggs it takes about less than 10 days for the eggs to hatch. Once an egg hatch it turns into a caterpillar. The caterpillar sheds about 5 times to reach full size and then it turns in chrysalis which is a pupa stage. Inside the chrysalis, the body of the caterpillar is rearranged into an adult butterfly. When the butterfly is fully formed the adult pushes out of the chrysalis and then the butterfly flies away.

What butterflies eat?

Adult butterflies do not eat food but they only drink. Butterflies stay alive by sipping nectar from flowers. Nectar is full of sugar and provides the butterfly with energy it needs to fly. Butterflies also sip the sugary juice from ripe fruit. Butterflies suck up nectar by using a long feeding tube from the butterfly's mouth. The tube reaches right into the middle of the flower were the nectar is.

Who eats butterflies?

Butterflies are eaten by many different animals. The butterflies large colorful wings make animals easier for them to see them. Butterflies are often caught by birds. Sometimes butterflies fly into spider webs and get trapped by the webs.

A Butterfly's camouflage

Butterflies have many ways of being eaten. One way is that they blend in with the back -ground so that it is hard for animals to see them. The common butterfly has wings with ragged edge. This helps the buuterfly blend in with spiky plants and under growth. The glasswing butterfly has clear patches on there wings so the animals can't see them that well.