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"To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you." -Tony Dorsett

Week 7: October 17-19 MEA WEEK

First of all, if you are reading this, thank you. Any time that I can have you to read this, I am extremely appreciative. I can tell you that I put a lot of thought into this and my work days, and I want to give all of you the right messages to begin your week and hopefully some if it you find useful. Sometimes and oftentimes you may even find errors, but I put every effort into every day as I wear my heart on my sleeve to make JWP the best for you and our kids.

So far this quarter there have been a lot of great happenings and we have to continue to reflect on those. Often times we feel as though things have not gone quite right (especially my last week), but these are the true learning moments for us all to be better people and educators. I know that I have to reflect on this daily and I am continually trying to grow when everything is not perfect. Just like we tell our kids that it is better to get some answers wrong, because these are the ones that they will remember most (of course, if you help them solve why it was wrong), we need to re-teach ourselves or ask others for the right answers.

As a principal, I expect that all of you possess the qualities of a lifelong learner and educator, and by furthering my own knowledge each day that I will model this. All of us can definitely further our knowledge through a college course, or by reading a high quality educational book, but I am finding that I continually learn more from others that are in similar positions as myself. These people are not great principals from the past, but are educational leaders of today. They are in the ‘grind’ every day and they give me a lot of sense. I do believe that all of you learn from each other and you need to continue to share the days in and the days out. I know through them and my own administrative team I see unbelievable innovations and ideas every day.

As a leader, I should assume that you already know that administrators are not the only leaders in our building. All of you are leaders in your own way and I hope that you know that. In fact, most of you have already shared resources with me and your peers in my pursuit to help me help us all. I know that most of you have asked for help with curriculum, technology, and better teaching practices and I thank you for making us better by asking. Similar to when you start anything new, there needs to be time spent connecting with others. As my own connections have gotten better, I actually end up saving time as I have all of you helping JWP to get better. In this, it gives all of you the opportunity to become leaders.

Thank you everyone. As this short next week comes to a close; go relax with family and friends and let them help you reflect on all or your goodness. Have a great week.

Motivational Video - Let's make you laugh before the long weekend! Do any of you remember this?

PLC Information

PLC Revised, Revisited 2016-2017 Goals

  1. Grade Level Rubrics of Skills

  2. Data Analysis with focus on our Formative and Summative Assessments

Important Dates:

Grades 7-12

Monday, October 17 - Picture Re-Take Day

Tuesday, October 18 - FCCLA going to Kasson for Fall Meeting

Wednesday, October 19 - Faculty Meeting 7:40a-8:10a in Mrs. Bluth's Room

Wednesday, October 19 - PSAT (sophomores/juniors-signed up in spring)

Wednesday, October 19 - Accuplacer testing for seniors at 12:31p

Thursday, October 20 - NO SCHOOL Fall Break

Friday, October 21 - NO SCHOOL Fall Break


Monday, October 17 in New Richland - Principal PLC @ 10:00-3:00

Tuesday, October 18 RTI (SST) Meeting @ 7:45

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Kathleen Miller

This month we are working on how to build SMART Goals and how to be accountable for your actions. Each student in my study hall will be developing academic and personal goals based on the SMART goal steps: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound for each quarter and for the year. All of the students will be posting these on their portfolios to track their progress throughout the year.

Students are also working on how to be accountable when working with groups and taking responsibilities for their actions. We are talking about the different types of accountability. Some of the topics are: Disagree, Plan, Follow Up, and how to summarize. Students will be working on modeling and using in the classrooms. ​

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October is College Knowledge Month!

CKM activities are going well and many students are participating. Please encourage students to engage in the CKM trivia. There will be two more questions this week and then the last week is free application week and that will be the week of the scavenger hunt. Like last year, students can pick up a sheet to complete. There are clues about certain teachers and students need to talk with you about your college experiences to find out which teachers each clue is about. Have fun with this! The students really enjoyed it last year! If there's something unique about your experience that wasn't addressed in the initial survey, please shoot me a quick email about it - thanks!

If you overhear students mentioning anything counseling/college/career related and that they have questions, encourage them to schedule a meeting with me and please be referring them to the counseling website. There's so much great information there for students of all grades and parents.

A Look Ahead:

Oct 19 8:25am: PSAT (sophomores/juniors signed up last spring)
Oct 19 12:31pm: Accuplacer test session for seniors
Oct 24-28: Free Application Week
Oct 24 1:00pm: SMSU Admission Rep Visiting
Oct 25: MACAC College Fair (all juniors - 11:50am-1:30pm)
Oct 26: Construct Tomorrow (9:15am-11:30am)
Oct 26 1:00pm: MNSU Admission Rep Visiting
Oct 27 5:30pm: ETS Junior Parent Info Night (juniors attend if possible)
Oct 27 6:30pm: FAFSA Night (seniors attend if possible)

Seasons are wrapping up and playoff time is underway. The last regular season home game for our football team is this Wednesday against Loyola, but they are looking to get a few more home playoff games! The last regular season game for our volleyball team is Tuesday at Madelia. Cross country finishes up with their conference meet at Blooming Prairie. It has been an exciting fall thus far and I'm looking forward to some fireworks at the end of these seasons.

Home Events this week:

Tuesday, October 18: Jr High Football vs Kenyon-Wanamingo - 4:30

Wednesday, October 19: Varsity Football vs Loyola Catholic - 7:30


Wednesday, October 26 - Meeting in media center @ 7:45

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