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March 17, 2021

Have you been missing Padlet? Padlet has been updated!

Padlet will be re-opened for students as of Monday, March 22, with important safety measures in place. These measures include the following:

1. **To use Harford Padlet, students and teachers must be logged into their HCPS account.** Students should follow the Student Directions for logging into their student Padlet account. Note: the student 1:1 device will remember this account log in, unless students clear all browser data.

2. Student accounts are limited to viewing or sharing to HCPS connected Padlets only. Even if students have links to Padlets published by someone outside of HCPS, students will not be able to access them and will be met with the Page-Not-Found page. (Teachers can still open Padlets that are non-HCPS published).

3. Any Harford created Padlet (Student and Teacher) has automatic restricted access to the outside world. If someone from outside of HCPS tries to access a Harford created Padlet, they will be met with the "There's nothing here" notification page. Consequently, to view a Harford created Padlet, all staff and students must be logged into their Harford account.

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NOTE: If you share Padlets with the parent community, they will need to be logged into their child's student account to be able to open and view the Padlet.

4. Students can search for collaborators within the HCPS network only, when adding them to their Padlets as editors:

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Teacher Instructional Management Controls for Padlet

As long as teachers are logged into their Harford account, they will be afforded the following controls:

Permissions and Collaboration features:

Attribution and Delete features: Always be sure that students have logged in with their District Harford account--if they have NOT logged in, they will be unable to open the shared Teacher Padlet.

To hide/show student names:

1. Click the gear.

2. Turn on/off Attribution to show/hide names.

3. Student names appear at the top of the post, with Attribution on.

To Delete a student post:

4. Click the … from the post box.

5. Click Delete.

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Padlet Questions? Drop-in to talk with us on Monday 3/22:

7:45 – 8:30 drop-in Teams meeting

12:00 – 12:45 drop-in Teams meeting

2:30 – 4:00 drop-in Teams meeting

Do you need to share a PowerPoint to your screen for students?

This video explains the variables of sharing the PowerPoint directly, or selecting from your desktop screen:
Teams Screen Sharing: PowerPoint Share Options

Is your interactive whiteboard having technical issues with response to the pen or touch (Calibration)?

You can likely solve the problem by setting your Promethean pen to Tablet mode:
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Hybrid Learning Strategies Webinars

Various sessions with an elementary focus on hybrid learning strategies will be offered to teachers on March 19. Sessions will support educators as they prepare for learning and teaching in a hybrid environment. These sessions will incorporate strategies that highlight collaboration, communication, assessment, and engagement. Additional details and registration is available in HECTOR.

  • Who: All Teachers and Instructional Staff
  • What: Hybrid Learning Strategies Webinar
  • When: Friday, March 19, 2021 – Elementary Focus

Register in Hector for your sessions.


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