WiMax - Technology Of The Future!

The newest technology coming to Atherstone soon!

What Is It?

WiMax is similar to WiFi, however it has a longer range and better quality of service.

WiMax uses fixed and mobile stations to provide users with access to high-speed voice, data, and Internet connectivity.

WiMax coverage extends to those areas where it is not geographically possible or costly to lay down cables or where there are no network towers set-up by mobile phone operators who also offer 3G/ HSDPA services

It stands for: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

How Does It Work?

WiMax works by:

  • A WiMAX tower, similar in concept to a cell-phone tower - A single WiMAX tower can provide coverage to a very large area -- as big as 3,000 square miles (~8,000 square km).
  • A WiMAX receiver - The receiver and antenna could be a small box or PCMCIA card, or they could be built into a laptop the way WiFi access is today.

WiMAX will replace cable & DSL services, providing Internet access anywhere you go. WiMAX will also be as painless as WiFi — turning your computer on will automatically connect you to the closest available WiMAX antenna.

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WiMax In Atherstone!

We have decided to use WiMax here because:

  • The range is much greater than that of WiFi,
  • Many 3G mobile phones and radio devices require a line-of-sight connection between the access point and user’s modem, however WiMax doesn't,
  • WiMax is able to achieve download speeds ranging up to 6 Megabits per second for fixed residential service and up to 4 Mbps for mobile users,
  • The quality of service for WiMax is much better than WiFi,
  • The cost will decrease as more service providers compete to gain more business.

Who Uses WiMax?

WiMax technology has not been widely accepted by the technology community, but its popularity continues to grow as businesses and consumers seek out better ways to constantly stay connected. This is one of the reasons why we decided to use WiMax here in Atherstone, to promote how it benefits the community.

I guarantee WiMax will change your internet experience!