Hanoi, Vietnam

Chaney Lieu

Airfare Cost and Schedule

The tickets to Denver, Colorado to Hanoi,Vietnam for two adults is $24,533 plus travel insurance. The flight is a 24 hour flight and there are two stops before going to Hanoi, Vietnam. Of course if you leave Colorado in the day time it will be night once you get there. or the other way around. http://www.kayak.com/flights/DEN-HAN/2014-04-19/2014-05-17/2adults


The hotel is called InterContinental Hanoi Westlake. The cost for a room of two cost $97 per night and still rising because you have to reseve a place before it's taken. The hotel has free Wi-fi, AW equipment rental, Car rental so you can travel around Hanoi, fitness center to stay fit on your trip, air condition because the average temperture is 80 degress, bar for the older people,Hot tub,parking (free), pool for the kids, restaurant to eat the exotic foods of Vietnam,Room service if your lazy, Sauna, steam room ,currency exchange on site because you need different money than U.S money of course, Laundry sevice, meeting/Banquet facilities, and a Wedding services if you would like to marry a women/Gentalmen of your life. Also there's NO pets allowed.



There's alot of objects to sightsee about the war over Japan and Vietnam. There's alot of variety exotic foods you can eat and obsereve the natrual scenery of Monsoon asia. The air is freasher than a hot sunny day and the plants are greener and healthy than the ones right outside your window. The best entertainment to catch a glimps is the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre were they play Vietname's insruments and do plays about old Vietname's stories. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293924-d919317-Reviews-Vietnam_National_Tuong_Theatre-Hanoi.html

Problems to Anticipate and Solutions Suggested

The problems to anticipate is theifs. They steal your phones, expensive valubles, and your other technonlgy that you have. To resolve this you can put the valubles you have and put it on your lap, under the dark place under the chair infront of you, or put the item(s) under your feet. Also you can have a cancelled flight or delayed flights. So if you miss it or been delayed the flight is a 24 hour flight so you miss basicly two days of your vacation. Also the flight can get bumpy and damage your valubles. http://www.usa.gov/topics/travel/air/resolve-problems.shtml


Even though you can go see even more nicer places like China or Japan,but you can go see Vietnam because it has more then natrual inviroment there. Even the people are tourest friendly. They love people when they come from a diffrent country and visit there's.

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