Mavs Monday Memo

For the week of March 21-25

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

A special thank you to each and every one of you for the support and kindness you shared with one another...offering a kind word, covering a class. Mathews is a very special place indeed because of you.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on TELPAS! Mary Alice and Jayme are awesome indeed! But it is all of us working together that makes it work!

Thank you to everyone who worked on our Kindergarten Round-Up to make it such a success! You each went above the call of duty on Friday! It is truly appreciated!

Welcome Spring!

The promise of spring...Vivaldi's La Primavera

This is Antonio Vivaldi's La Primavera from his Four Seasons. Something to lift your spirits and celebrate the start of spring.


We are preparing for a very special day at Mathews! On April 12th Mathews will participate in a national program called, "Everyone Matters".

It is a celebration that each individual is uniquely special and each possesses a special quality, gift, talent that they should embrace and celebrate! More importantly, is that we learn to accept and respect one another for who we are.

A big thank you to everyone in their support and participation in preparing for this worthwhile experience! You probably have already found some information in the TL Meeting Minutes from March 16 and will no doubt be discussing it during your team meeting.

The link above is to the Everyone Matters Day website. In addition, you will receive an email with more particulars as we work together to make this a uniquely special day for our students at Mathews.

This week...

Monday, March 21:

2:45-3:45 Gr. 5 Speed-Stack Practice C105

Tuesday, March 22:

Jill off campus.

Wednesday, March 23:

Jill off campus.

3:00 Faculty Meeting in Library; followed by PLC Meetings (MLP Sign-In Sheet)

Thursday, March 24:

Jill off campus.

Report Cards go home.

2:45-3:45 Gr. 5 Speed-Stack Practice C105

Friday, March 25:

Spring Holiday: No school

Project Based Learning

Four Ways to Promote a Growth Mindset in PBL

From the blog site for the Buck Institute for Education. Great site, consider following!

Building Confidence in Students with Disabilities

From the Buck Institute for Education blog.

Upcoming: March 28-April 1

Tuesday, March 29:

STAAR: Gr. 4 Writing

STAAR: Gr. 5 Reading

(Kindergarten will go to lunch at Gr. 4's usual time. Gr. 4 and 5 will follow accordingly.)

Wednesday, March 30:

STAAR Gr. 5 Math

Kindergarten will follow Gr. 4 and go to lunch at Gr. 5's usual time. Gr. 5 will follow and go when Kindergarten normally would go.)

Gr. 2 Music Rehearsal

Thursday, March 31:

STAAR Make-Up Day

Gr. 2 Music Rehearsal

Open Speedstack: C105 2:45-3:45

Friday, April1:

STAAR Make-Up Day

Gr. 2 Music Rehearsal

Bond...District Bond!

Bond Election Info via You Tube

This is a You Tube video from the district regarding our upcoming Bond election. You may choose to share this link with your parents in your grade level news.

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